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After finishing law school in her native United Kingdom, Anikka travelled the world, where she became fascinated by people and their respective immigration stories. When she returned to the UK, she obtained a position with the United Kingdom Immigration Service, as an Executive Officer, which perfectly combined her passion for the law and her interest in immigration. As part of her role, Anikka examined passengers seeking UK entry on visitor, worker, student, spousal, refugee and economic grounds. She has also adjudicated refugee applications and claims made under European legislation.

Anikka then decided to move to Canada, experiencing immigration from a personal perspective. Since receiving her licence to practice in Ontario, she worked at several Bay Street law firms, helping individuals achieve their immigration goals, and strategizing with Fortune 500 companies to move their workforce around the world. Additionally, Anikka has written several papers on global mobility and other immigration topics, and presented at the Canadian Employment Relocation Council summit in Montreal.

When working with individual clients, Anikka uses a holistic approach. She begins by establishing her client’s end goal, then actively plans a personal immigration strategy, specifically tailored to her client’s circumstances and desired results.

In respect to her corporate clients, Anikka immerses herself in the company’s operations and industry specific culture. Her approach enables her to provide practical, business-minded advice that allows her corporate clients to effectively mobilize their workforce, while simultaneously maintaining legal compliance.

Clients love working with Anikka. Her unique ability to offer personal and corporate perspectives, grounded in her passion to get the job done right, allows them to trust her with their futures in Canada.

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